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What is HeartBeat?

HeartBeat is designed to take you through a modern healing process that will open your life up to vivid full colour (yep….just like that vivid colour filter on Instagram, but for real) and shift you into a new way of experiencing your life, and of course your relationships.

HeartBeat gives you 4 x sessions (plus bonus) of powerful emotional, energetic and modern spiritual healing, which will address different areas to heal your heart, and thus improve your life. This really has the potential to hugely change your life, and shake things up! The healing process can be intense, and overwhelming at times but this is normal and we're here to support you along the way. It’s like having 4 x private healing sessions with me, and I teach you essential tools which I’ve shared with 1000’s of clients and groups, and use daily within my own life and relationships with huge success.

Why do I need to heal my heart?

The heart is a huge “key” in your healing journey. It’s at epicentre of your life experience, like your inner GPS - the centre of your emotional intelligence (your capacity to be aware of, control, and express your emotions in the most truthful way, without fear). It’s where your authentic creative ideas originate from. It’s where you can most easily “tune-in” and access your inner wisdom and your purpose, your joy, your path. And it gives you direction, intuition and new pathways to go down, new doorways to open. It’s awesome at expanding your life’s journey!

Your heart understands you like no-one else does. Like your BFF (without the drama!)

Right now, we're mostly living our lives from our minds alone. The mind is great when you’re solving problems, but not-so-great when you’re understanding feelings. The mind doesn’t “feel”, it “thinks”, and as we’re humans, our natural way of creating is through feelings. We’re often missing the “feeling” part, as we’re usually disconnected from our heart. Why? Because we associate our heart with hurt, pain and heartbreak. The heart contains lots of information from the past, where we did indeed experience pain. We were too young at the time to process the painful experience, and so now we’re disconnected and we believe that HEART = PAIN.

But if you lived more from your heart, life would be much easier...

  • You wouldn’t get anxious about things
  • Stress would dramatically reduce (as would your fears)
  • You'd ooze confidence and be more powerful
  • Speaking in public would be a breeze!
  • You’d be soooooooo much happier
  • Things you desire would effortlessly happen
  • Your relationships would become incredible
  • You’d receive more love and compliments (without brushing them off, or turning them away)
  • You’d radiate your light from the inside - out

Life becomes an incredible DREAM & you don’t have to wake up

Your life is an inside - out journey. This means that right now, you’re creating your outside world, and what you see in it, from within you. You create from your beliefs (what you believe about yourself deep down), your thoughts (all that mindless chatter), your feelings, and your emotions. You are naturally projecting all this information out into the world, and creating the world you see around you. YIKES!!! Can you see now, why things aren't quite going to plan?!

To make permanent, solid changes, you need to go inside and connect to your heart. Next, you need to heal it, learning more about you in the process. You'll shift exponentially!!

What will I learn?

  • How to reconnect to your heart, and heal the connection
  • Understanding the heart as an energy centre and where it’s located
  • How to open the heart centre, front and back
  • Visualisation to release the resistance & the wall of armour around your heart
  • Healing the connection to your inner child
  • Heart healing process in two parts addressing: abandonment, rejection, loneliness, connections with your mother and father

How does it work?

Purchase the course, then stream or download and enjoy in your own time. I recommend giving yourself space in between sessions to allow you to repeat each session, and time to integrate the healing work. This is a marathon and not a sprint! (if you’re a speed demon, that’s fine, just catch your breath in between) and you can always email us at if you have any questions about the course or are on the fence about buying.

What will I get?

  • 4 x hour healing sessions delivered through meditation
  • 1 x bonus session delivered through meditation
  • Audio recordings of all sessions to download while you’re travelling
  • Exclusive access to LifeTonic Courses Facebook community page
  • Love and support with Jody and her team

Get ready to feel ALIVE & ENGAGED with life

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"I had no idea what to expect in my first session with Jody. But I can honestly say two sessions with Jody is the equivalent of about two years of therapy!"

Your Instructor

Jody Shield
Jody Shield

Jody Shield is a motivational speaker, author, blogger, presenter of LifeTonic TV and intuitive mentor. Known as the “glamorous face of mindfulness” by the Daily Mail, and “a shining light in the new-gen spiritual movement” by Red magazine, she’s fast becoming a name reverently whispered amongst London’s high fliers as the “go-to” to solve all our modern woes. She supports people to process the past, be present and create a life they love. She’s the first European meditation ambassador for global brand Lululemon Athletica, and has sell-out residencies across London including Soho House, COMO by Metropolitan London and her own LifeTonic events.

Class Curriculum

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  Healing Session 1
Available in days
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  Healing Session 2
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  Healing Session 3
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  Healing Session 4
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  Bonus Session
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"The course has brought growth and understanding about the heart the blockages. Realisations why I've been attracting or not attracting what I want in life! Thankfully I didn't let the resistance I felt at the beginning get to me because I would say now after I have completed and given myself to process the emotions I feel lighter, more grounded and open. I have learned how to check in and trust my heart when making decisions in daily life. I am not afraid to be more open to receive whatever comes my way. I am also really looking forward to restarting the course again to see what else comes up that I can clear out! Thank you for the journey!"

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Where are the Terms & Conditions for the course?
You can find the Terms & Conditions for the course here:
What happens if I need help during the course?
You can email us at anytime on and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Can I gift the course to someone?
Yes you can! If you would like to, please email us at and we will get back to you with instructions.
"HeartBeat blew my heart open. It showed me things that I had been hiding from myself but knew I needed to face. It gave me the courage to make choices I was to afraid of before. It connected me to my true authentic self and showed me that when I am connected to the core part of me, my wildest dreams come true. I am truly not afraid of living my life in full colour anymore."

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